2 million professionals from freelancers to agencies have already tried to get Elementors to build their websites. Elementor today is synonymous with an all-encompassing solution, powerful visual design and fast performance.

An Elementor Page Builder is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for creating web pages without any coding skills. Some of the most useful features of Change History are the ability to create hundreds of templates and blocks, including drag-and-drop functionality, page previews, mobile editing, and the ability to restore previous versions.

Well, it’s never enough when it comes to customizing your own website. Therefore, you may want to get something more advanced and unique even after Elementor has provided a lot of great material. Third-party developers have decided to increase the effectiveness of the Elementor without standing by. This is how Elementor Add-ons appeared.

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Today you have a nice choice of the best Elementor addon, both free and premium. Let’s examine the most popular options from both blocks to choose the most effective options for your project.

Why can you use best Elementor addon?

Fulfilling everyone’s needs is never easy. So, despite the Elementor 80+ offering fantastic elements, it is very likely that you can get something more advanced and unique. This is exactly why third-party developers have decided to expand Element functionality and develop their own Element addons.

Right now, there are 131 Elementor addons on the market. So, you must have a lot of options to choose the right extension for your website and get started.

These add-ons give you the opportunity to enhance your website design with its amazing features and layout. Also, you can create a special view using element extensions.

At the end of this article, you will no longer have any doubts about where to start with Elementor Extensions. Because we’re going to discuss your best observations to easily enhance your page-building experience.

1. Elementor Pro

You must give Elementor Pro a shot before looking for an alternative solution. Despite providing a free version of the 29 core components, the premium will enrich even numbers in a larger size. For example, it provides more advanced widgets such as posts, WooCommerce, forms, social media and many more.

Elementor Pro provides theme builder flexibility to help you design your themes easily. This outstanding feature gives you the ability to make changes to your headlines, footnotes, Wlcommars, blogs and all other dynamic pages that are not possible through the initial version.

Additionally, you can create a landing page using a huge collection of instantly lined templates. You can then easily personalize it to your liking. On top of that, if you’re into coding, you can even add custom CSS from the Elementor dashboard. As a result, you are able to verify all changes in real-time.

Elementor Pro comes with a ‘Global Widget’ feature to save you time. Just save a template and you’ll be able to use it on any of your future pages with the ‘drag and drop’ capability.

2. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor intends to give you the most modern and flawless web building experience.  It offers more than 37 free widgets & extensions, including Model Popup, Dual Button, News Ticker, Image Magnifier, Filterable Gallery, and so on. With those, you can build a basic usable website.

While thinking about going premium, Exclusive Addons has a pro version of 48+ widgets & extensions. You will get access to advanced features like Cross-Site Copy Paste, Header Footer builder, Gradient Animation, Section Particles, and Section Parallax.

Widgets like Post Navigation, Lottie Animation, Mega Menu, Slider, Image Hotspot, Instagram Feed, and a bunch of Woo Commerce widgets will make your life easier.

You can get creative design ideas from the template library. They come with 23+ readymade templates and 700+ blocks.

Icon Library is one of the rare features among Elementor addons. The plugin has a huge collection ELementor icons with 3000+ well-crafted and high-quality icons.

Exclusive Addons is a plugin that is well optimized. They have done some clean coding in the backend to help you build fast loading WordPress site.

3. Essential Addons

Get the best of the element with the necessary additions. It comes with 57+ innovative elements that are easy to use with WordPress pages. Essential addons within 100+ readymade blocks present beautiful templates and sections that set your pages apart from the rest. This is undoubtedly one of the best free element addons.

To facilitate faster loading speeds, the required add-ons have 29+ incredibly helpful free widgets that will send your mouth watering. More widgets are being developed. One of these is the post grid which provides four creative styles for your blog posts. The Post Timeline Widget helps you create beautiful timelines for pages and posts. This free version comes with a reading progress bar extension to indicate the location of the current reading.

The premium version adds 29+ more widgets to your catalog. In it, you will find post blocks that help you display blog posts in different styles using the innovative CSS Flexbox. Create popups that perform specific activities with lightbox and model widgets. Showcase your location with the variety that comes with the advanced Google Maps widget.

Testimonial slider widgets allow you to show your visitors the reasons why your work is so popular on beautiful sliders. You can display advanced navigation menus at any spot on your website, including the Advanced Menu widget. The widget also helps to select and customize different skins for the navigation menu.

Still, with the Pro version, you get a selection of Starler extensions as parallax scrolling and particle effects. Two gives your visitors the most amazing visual experience. Additionally, the advanced tooltip is very informative. The last extension is content protection, so you can encrypt your content for limited access. Both the free and premium editions have incredible support with extensive documentation.

4. Elements Kit

The Elements Kit is the ultimate definition of balance between resources in features, simplicity and functionality. With 35+ custom widgets, it comes with incredible controls for your page builders. You can now create the title and footer of your dreams with the title and footer creator.

ElementsKit landing page, ElementsKit Review, best Elementor addon, ollzo
ElementsKit landing page, ElementsKit Review, best Elementor addon, ollzo

What’s more, you can use MegaMenu Creator to tweak regular element menus. The Layout Library has a plethora of incredible features because it has 7+ premade homepages and 300+ premade section layouts. The gallery pack includes filter options as well as masonry and grid layout options.

The 35+ free widgets that come with the Element Kit include fun events, titles, icon boxes, tabs, accordion, image accordion, team, recent blog, social media, FAQ, countdown timer, client and sponsor logo, price, gallery, video, buttons, Forms of Cold among business times, Mailchimp, Testimonials, Pycart, Progress Bar, Social Sharing, and others.

The premium version of the Elements Kit has additional pro widgets and modules that make it even better than the free version. Widgets include Advanced Accordion, Advanced Tab, Advanced Chart, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Feeds, Timeline, Motion Text and Creative Buttons.

ElementsKit pricing page, ElementsKit Review, best Elementor addon, ollzo
ElementsKit pricing page, ElementsKit Review, best Elementor addon, ollzo

Five modules are specifically offered in the premium version. These include the SVG library and parallax options with animations; Add icons and labels to the mega menu; Sticky content anywhere; Headings and footings on specific posts or pages; And widget area. Image selector and Ajax selection among custom controls for Element Page Builder. The support is exceptional and updates are regular and free.

5. WPB Elementor Addons

WPB Element Addons has the potential to take your website to the next level by bringing you many top-notch add-ons that come with numerous customization options. With this addon pack you will get a post grid / slider addon which displays all kinds of posts in an elegant grid or slider whatever you like.

Pricing tables encourage your sales because your visitors will see the prices of your products, easily choose what they like to buy and decide to buy quickly. In iFrames, you’ll find the content timeline important for displaying different content types in one timeline, including shortcodes, images, icons, and dates.

The team member grid/slider is perfect for showcasing the team behind your organization’s success. You will need feedback from your clients, so you need to add the testimonial grid/slider that comes with this pack. The logo slider gives you the right way to display your featured logo and your sponsors. If you need a great way to display your call-to-action, you can use the video popup addon and display video calls in action.

News Ticker Addon is available with the free version and can be used to control or slide in a unique style. News Ticker Pro is one of the additions to the premium version of WPB Element Adons. It is suitable for dynamic scrolling of data like products, posts, categories and navigation menus. You will also find all addons in the free version.

6. Element Pack Lite

Elementar Pack Lite is one of the most popular addons for Elementer with 30+ of the most popular and essential elements for everyday use in web page building. This plugin provides a Business Hours widget that displays a great list of working hours. What’s more, you get a countdown widget that shows the countdown timer on your site.

Call out addons are the ultimate way to highlight your content in a unique and elegant way. Integrating Contact Form 7 plugins has never been easier; You get a widget for it that lets you choose the best design from dozens of choices.

Image Accordion is a great widget that makes your images simultaneously connectable and scalable. If you need to compare images, for example before and after, you can use the image comparison widget. Image Magnifier lets you and your users zoom in on images and view them in detail.

You can display your content with a lightbox widget that comes with a video example, Google map example, image example, icon example and button example etc. You can share your course and tutor LMS course carousel with equal height, which shows your course in your beautiful chorus.

Going to the premium version gives you access to more than 130 add-ons and advanced widgets, including advanced icon boxes that provide additional tools to make your content more attractive. Booked Calendar is a third party plugin that enables you to create different calendars for all your services. You also get buddypress and WooCommerce ads to go with the rest.

7. WidgetKit

Join other great websites and themes that have had great success using widgetkit for their element page creators.

One of its features is a slider that combines animations so you can create beautiful slideshows. The count feature allows you to notify your visitors of the timeline for offers and events on your websites. The Team Block feature enables people working with you to display up to 4 different layout variations.

If you want to create stellar portfolios, you will like the portfolio feature that comes with 4 styles and attaches a filter. If you are going to display posts nicely then 5 custom blog items will come in handy. To show satisfied customer comments and be liked by newcomers, 3 testimonial styles are available to help you. WidgetKit has a button with 4 price variations and 10 hover animation layouts with a tab.

WidgetKit Element comes with several add-ons including Slider Paralux, Slider Box and Slider Animation. These three offer the easiest way to create awesome slideshows with incredible animations and effects. There are a number of add-ons (including some animations and several styles) dedicated to team members, others in pricing, testimonials and blogs.

8. Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons for Elementor is an ultimate Elementor productivity booster plugin, which is packed with useful widgets that lets you build and customize your WordPress website in no time. Droit Addons for Elementor comes with a wide array of widgets, pre-built template pages & elements ready to be implemented. 

Droit Addons for Elementor comes with 70+ Free/Pro widgets, from which you can easily create interactive blocks such as forms, sliders, accordion tabs, FAQs, and so much more. You also get preset 250+ elements/blocks and 25+ pre-built template page designs, which will speed up your website building process and give your website a stunning unique look. 

Key Features Include: 

Final Thought

Elementor itself is a game-changing page builder that gives you a myriad of customization options for your website. However, if you want to take full control of all the elements of your site and use your creativity, one of the best free or premium element addons is the place to start. These add-ons give you so many options that you just have to buy a theme.

We’ve analyzed the best add-ons for you, so your job will be to simply click and select your preferred ones. Make your choice, and enjoy unlimited options.