Betterdocs Review

An organized documentation page always helps you understand your content accurately. This is especially true when you are dealing with a number of products and services, especially in the technical field. Customers can easily understand how to manage their products by following the step by step guide of online or offline documentation.

This technical content can go to videos, images, lists and other media which also reduces the need for support. If you know the best documentation plugins that encourage self-servicing to increase the workload of your helpdesk, maintain your Knowledge Base site in advance to ensure customer satisfaction. Here, you can find out what makes your Knowledge Base Documentation site suitable for creation and maintenance.

Choose the right knowledge base solution

Which one should you consider first to choose the best documentation plugin? This seems to be very difficult to answer in an example. And on this blog, you will find it with the best answers to your concerns. The main purpose of the documentation site is to describe the features of your products, services and random questions of the customer.

You should explain it in such a way that your customers can feel that you are giving them the highest priority. You can care about their problems and ensure their satisfaction.

That’s why you should come up with a solution that will not only securely store your documents in one place but also maintain your archive with automation process. You can comfort your customers with instant help from self-service which will also reduce support tickets. So in one package, you can manage all your documentation and reduce the pressure on your helpdesk on the spot.

So without further ado, give us a brief overview of the latest best WordPress documentation plugins to quickly build and manage your documentation site to explore your user experience by getting a better one!

Introducing BetterDocs

BetterDocs is the latest WordPress documentation plugin built by WPDifler. WPDupular already has a user base of over 400,000. Along with their other exclusive plugins, they easily develop BetterDocs to facilitate their huge user base to maintain a well-organized documentation site. This will help you build and manage your knowledge base without any hassle. Also, it is easily compatible with any type of WordPress theme.

BetterDocs offers you a free version that comes with a wonderful built-in documentation page with an advanced search option. You can easily customize BetterDocs with shortcodes and widgets. It comes with an advanced drug and drop builder to easily sort your documents nicely from the dashboard. You will have full authority to change the whole look of your documentation site.

Also the Exclusive Content Table (TOC) feature can automatically add your content headings to create a tosy layout in each of your documents that will help your visitors know what you’re referring to at a glance.

So you don’t have to bother to create a manual. You can also track and measure customer impressions on your documentation site, including analytics. This will definitely improve your performance to ensure the best customer service with integrated knowledge base documentation plugins.

On the other hand, if you want your customer instant response support on your documentation site, this can happen with the Pro version as well. You’ll find this advanced feature with a feedback form that allows visitors to your site to comment directly on your document. You can add it to the whole site or to every content and much more.

How can you manage knowledgebase using BetterDox?

BetterDocs settings panel

BetterDocs comes with beautiful and organized built-in design of documentation sites. It also provides customization features. You can easily customize your knowledgebase site to your liking. You can choose from a variety of theme layouts and style it exclusively.

Not only that, you can also add shortcodes and widgets. It comes with a by-default advanced search option. Your users or visitors can search for anything they want. This will display all possible answers after typing a character in the search panel.

Plethora of settings options are offered by BetterDocs

You can insert multiple categories and tags into your documentation. It comes with its Primed Automated Table of Contents (TOC) with stick TOC features. If you add a title or subheader to your technical blogs, it will tweak the header and add a link to that part.

Your visitors can click OK to see what your content is offering and if they want to know. Sticky will eventually engage your readers and help them get back to the parts of their favorite blog.

Betterdocs knowledgebase instant answer live chat

BetterDocs comes with instant reply support on the Knowledgebase site. If you enable this feature, it will help your visitors with instant text documentation. This will certainly reduce random questions in support. You can even use this chatbot by configuring cross-domain integration on non-WordPress sites.

Betterdocs knowledgebase analytics

It has also been integrated with analytics. You can evaluate your visitor’s performance in your knowledgebase documentation. This will help you to better present and encourage technical content for the future

Manage multiple knowledgebases with one tool

Now you can better create and manage multiple knowledgebase sites using its ‘Multiple KB’ features that come with BetterDox Pro. This is a completely effective solution when you are getting multiple products or services and need to get a separate site for it.


Also, if you wish, you can now move from your existing Knowledgebase plugin to BetterDox by following a few simple steps. For this, you can check this detailed documentation.

Betterdocs elementor Supported

It is fully compatible with the Element page creator for creating a single dock and contains three separate elements, including the Adonos required for the Element. Using it, you can display your amazing BetterDox documentation on your Elementer website and reduce the load on support.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing the features and effectiveness of BetterDocs, its effectiveness and exclusivity are as clear as daylight. This will give you quick-automated support. There is no need to create a manual TOC to add documentation or anything. The design ready for it is quite advanced.In addition, they provide customization facilities and give you complete authority to customize your knowledgebase. With a complete plugin, you get it all for managing and organizing your online documentation site.