In the world of themes and plugins, new stuff keeps coming up. So we are always on the lookout for the new releases. Recently, we have come across a new LMS plugin by the name Dozent LMS Plugin.

When we went through the features of the new plugin, some features caught our eyes. So we went on to discover more of its ins and outs. And here’s what we have found.

Dozent LMS Plugin,, Learning Management System WordPress
Dozen LMS Plugin, Best Learning Management Software for WordPress, Ollzo

Dozent LMS is a fully functional WordPress LMS plugin that enables you to create professional courses with its powerful yet simple frontend course builder.

And the best thing we found in this plugin is that they are offering a Certificate builder with the FREE version of their plugin. So that every educator can offer certificates for each of their courses.

When we asked the Founder and CEO of Dozent LMS, Mr. Shohel about the product, he commented,

“Dozent LMS helps you to create an eLearning website without boundaries. We removed the gap between instructors and students with the greatest user experience. We redefined the eLearning experience and we believe that together we will make it even better.”

Few words about Dozent LMS Plugin

Dozent LMS is a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin and online course solution for WordPress. It lets you build your own eLearning platform such as Udemy, Coursera, edX, Teachable, Thinkific, or LinkedIn Learning.

It is a WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) solution that enables you to easily create and sell online courses to share your own knowledge.

Dozent LMS plugin comes with an advanced course builder, unlike the ones you have seen in the WordPress LMS plugin industry.

Each course syllabus can be created from the same old WordPress panel with sections, lectures and quizzes using the exact revolutionary course creator.

If you are using Frontend or Backend Course Builder then with this WordPress LMS plugin you can create a complete course without leaving the current page.

Using the Dozent LMS plugin you can create an eLearning website seamlessly whether you are an individual, an educational institution, or a corporate entity.

The key feature of this WordPress LMS plugin is that this is completely FREE. So, when using the Dozent LMS plugin, you don’t have to spend any money until something is created.

Introducing Dozent LMS : The best FREE WordPress LMS Plugin

Dozent LMS plugin is the best free WordPress LMS plugin and will always be free for all the educators out there.

Everything you need to run a fully functional eLearning site powered by WordPress is available in the free version. However, they offer a premium version of this WordPress LMS plugin which comes with a plethora of interesting features.

What do you get in Dozent LMS?

Dozent LMS plugin is the complete package that you need to run an online learning or eLearning business. It comes with course creation, quiz creation and executive management options.

Not only that, you will be able to hire multiple instructors, sell courses and share the income automatically. Let’s look at a detailed breakdown of the features below.

Powerful Dashboard

The frontend dashboard is beautifully crafted to carefully sort out every important element. Everything you have, from creating courses to raising money, will be categorized in a very user-friendly way.

“We designed the dashboard in such a way that trainers never need to go through complicated backends.”

Excellent Course Maker

They have already introduced a modern new course builder that is unlike any other WordPress LMS solution on the market.

It is designed in a way that revolutionizes the creation of courses on the WordPress platform. Creating a course with a Frontend Course Builder is as easy as posting a social media status!

Latest Quiz Maker

The success of any online course depends on the quiz. Therefore, the Dozent LMS plugin comes with a modern quiz maker that lets you create compelling quizzes. You can check how well your students are performing.

At the moment, the Dozent LMS plugin offers 5 types of quiz questions – true/false, single choice, multiple-choice, single word and short essay.

Though they have assured us that they’re working constantly to put some more quiz options in place very soon.

Course Preview For Everyone

Dozent LMS Plugin,, Learning Management System WordPress
Dozent LMS Plugin, Learning Management System WordPress,

The only way to make any online course popular is to take a peek. And Dozent is well prepared for LMS. You can preview a few selected lessons so that anyone on the internet can get a primary view of what your course is about. This way they will feel confident about taking your course.

Distraction-Free Learning

Dozent LMS plugin comes with a built-in focus mode that ensures everyone has a hassle-free experience. They created it to increase productivity for both students and teachers.

This built-in focus mode helps students study without interruption, ensuring a better learning experience.

Complete Money Management

Your familiar eCommerce solution WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download are already available with Dozent LMS plugin.

Administrators can automatically divide commissions fairly with trainers. Simplified money management provides e-checks, bank transfers and PayPal, ensuring a hassle-free withdrawal experience.

Integrate WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Having complete freedom to use multiple eCommerce solutions together with Dozent LMS plugin means you never have to go back to adjust the eCommerce system.

You have the ability to sell a course with WooCommerce while selling some other course via Easy Digital Download with complete control over the monetization system.

Multiple Instructors

They understand how difficult it can be to run your own eLearning platform and take courses together. Also, you should ask subject matter experts to collaborate on your course to grow your business.

Therefore, the Dozent LMS plugin comes with a multi-instructor feature that enables multiple instructors to publish a course.

Course List

As students browse your eLearning platform, they will have many courses to apply. However, they may not have the financial capacity or the time to take the course right now.

That’s why they have provided a wishlist feature in this WordPress LMS plugin so that students can take the courses of their choice at a later period.

Private Discussion

While running the eLearning platform, you will find students who want to interact with the instructors. However, sometimes they do not feel comfortable sharing their concerns in public discussions or forums.

The Dozent LMS plugin comes with a personal discussion feature that allows students to ask questions directly to instructors. And the instructor can provide a personalized answer to the student.

Ratings and Reviews

You will have a great chance of improving your social evidence, including the feature of sharing responses to the Dozent LMS plugin.

Students can leave a review about their instructor and the course they take. They can also rate their experience after completing any course. When more students leave feedback about a course, potential students have the courage to jump in.

Free Certificate Builder

This is the most awesome feature from them in our opinion. Normally we have seen certificate builders be offered with the premium versions of an LMS. But the Dozent LMS team has developed a separate plugin for certificates and released it to be used in their free version as well.

Now every Dozent LMS user can offer a certificate for each of their courses. The certificate builder is pretty intuitive so you don’t need to sweat a lot for completing the task.

They also offer two predefined templates that you just have to import and it will be automatically integrated.

Much More To Come

These features are just not it. There are some more interesting features down the line. Their goal is to make the Dozent LMS plugin a one-stop solution for online learning management.

And it seems that they are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Check out their ROADMAP for a glimpse of the features you may have in the near future.

How Friendly It Is For Developers?

The enriched developer doc makes the plugin very developer-friendly. You can customize it fully to your own preference. You can also develop your own LMS theme as all core eLearning functionalities are provided by Dozent LMS.

From Where The Idea Emerged?

Online learning has grown exponentially in recent years. The huge popularity came mainly due to the general qualities of being much more convenient than conventional face-to-face courses.

However, creating an eLearning website is expensive and time-consuming. Most single coaches or academies can’t afford that.

As Team Dozent LMS have vast experience in creating eLearning applications and websites, they thought they could do something for the users who want to create an online course website with minimal cost and time.

So they have created the Dozent LMS plugin which is a revolutionary WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to create an eLearning course platform in a very short time.

In Dozent LMS plugin they have included almost everything to kickstart a revenue-generating website. Instructors can provide their courses for free or for a fee.


In this article, we have tried to make you understand LMS and describe everything about the Dozent LMS plugin.

If you want to create an eLearning management system for anyone else or for yourself, then Dozent LMS will be the best option for you. Because the Dozent LMS plugin has a big number of important features.

If you love this article then do share. You are cordially invited to give your feedback in the comment box.

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