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Embedding an extremal resource inside your blog, content or webpage always help reducing bounce rate. Beside this, it helps growing authority towards the user. EmbedPress is a WordPress embedding plugin and you can embed anything on your WordPress site. You can embed video form different source, can embed your own blog content, pdf and so on.

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What is EmbedPress?

Embeddress is a WordPress embedded plugin that helps in unique ways to increase engagement rates and convert your paid customers. 

Embeddress lets you embed videos, images, posts, audio, maps, and PDFs, docs, ppts, and all the kinds of other content on your WordPress site with one click, and allows visitors to display them beautifully. Classic Editor, Gutenberg (Block Editor) and Element are all supported.

It takes just one click and you can display your site beautifully for visitors. EmbedPress supports Classic Editor, Gutenberg and Element.

EmbedPress Features

EmbedPress, WordPress Embedding plugin, ollzo


WordPress Embedding plugin, ollzo

EmbedPress is a WordPress embedding plugin brought you by WPDeveloper. The plugin has multiple options with the best quality user experience. Install the plugin and collect the URL, paste and publish the content.

Embed Facebook Posts & Videos

EmbedPress allows you to embed posts and videos from Facebook. Makes it easy for you to embed social media content on your WordPress site.

EmbedPress Youtube

Add-ons for embedpress give you more control over your videos. These add-ons will make your videos responsive. You can also customize the video display to match the design of your site. Other features include auto-play and looping. EmbedPress allows you to embed Youtube videos. Makes it easy for you to embed Youtube content on your WordPress site.

EmbedPress Vimeo

Do you want to show Vimeo video on your website? Want to give a better experience to your user with video? Just enter your editor’s URL and add Vimeo videos to your website.

Embed Google Maps

A map is always helpful to the users. It helps getting the location easily and office information. Embed Google Maps by pasting a URL and convert it into interactive content between your WordPress blog posts or web pages.

Embed Google Docs

Google Drive is a greatly popular service that has replaced Microsoft Office for many companies. Using Google Drive can bring your information to animated, whether it’s stored in documents, maps, drawings, spreadsheets, or presentations. 

Embedpress supports a full range of Google Drive options, including Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Presentations, Forms and many more.

Embed Wistia Videos

If you want to use Wistia Video with WordPress website, Embedding is a simple and fully featured solution.

Embed Giphy GIFs

Embed gifs and memes to add cheer to your WordPress posts. Use embedpress to embed content directly from GIF.

Embed Instagram Images

With the help of embedpress, embedding Instagram images in WordPress is very easy, you don’t have to mess with any code.

Embed From 100+ Content Providers

All the URLs you need with embedpress. Search for URLs for your videos, images, audio files or maps and simply paste the URL into a WordPress post. EmbedPress automatically understands URLs and embeds your content. You can embed media from more than 100 sites.

Charts and diagrams

Embeddress has several options for adding charts and diagrams to your WordPress site. We’ve already seen that Embeddress supports Google Drawing, but here are 5 more options for charting:

    • AmCharts embeds

    • Cacoo embeds

    • ChartBlocks embeds

    • CircuitLab embeds

    • Infogram embeds

Other video options

We’ve seen that EmbedPress supports YouTube, Vista, and Vimeo, but EmbedPress supports about 20 other video sources

Animoto embeds Bambuser embeds
College Humor embeds Coub embeds
Crowd Ranking embeds Cloudup embeds
Daily Motion embeds Dotsub embeds
Funny or Die embeds Hulu embeds
Kickstarter embeds NFB embeds
Sapo Videos embeds TED embeds
Ustream embeds Viddler embeds
VideoJug embeds VideoPress embeds

Backed by a trusted team

This embedded plugin brings you the team behind WPDeveloper who are a dedicated marketplace for WordPress trusted by 3,000,000+ happy users.

WordPress Embedding Pricing

Embedpress comes with three different plans. The three plans are Individual, Business and Lifetime Unlimited. Individual plans come with $29 for a single site, 100+ content provider, EmbedPress youtube, EmbedPress Wistia, EmbedPress Vinmo, Custom Branding, Live Twitch Streams, Standard Support and Update for One year. Business plans come with $79 for unlimited sites for one year, 100+ content provider, EmbedPress youtube, EmbedPress Wistia, EmbedPress Vinmo, Custom Branding, Live Twitch Streams, Priority Support and Update for One year. Their Lifetime Unlimited plans come with $149 for Lifetime Unlimited sites, 100+ content provider, EmbedPress youtube, EmbedPress Wistia, EmbedPress Vinmo, Custom Branding, Live Twitch Streams, Priority Support and Update for Lifetime. 

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What You are Going to Embed First?

We described the EmbedPress and now it’s time to apply the plugin on your website. So, What you are going to Embed First?