We are very much excited to announce Ollzo Slider for WordPress. It’s a free WordPress slider plugin available at wordpress.org and you can install it on your site.

The plugin will allow you to implement various beautiful slides in multiple places. You can set up not only beautiful sliders but also customize them as needed.

Ollzo Slider for WordPress documentation will help you to set up it on your website. Also, you can post any bug report, feature request with the following anchoring link.

Why you need Ollzo Slider for WordPress?

A visual appealing content grabs users’ attention. With Ollzo Slider plugin, you can add attractive slider to display the most important content in your business or personal website. Also, Ollzo Slider will help you creating slide without any hassle.

ollzo Slider for WordPress – An introductory blog 2021

The big question is, Why should you choose Ollzo slider for WordPress? When the WordPress ORG has many other slider and well established, why Ollzo slider?

Free under GPL:

Ollzo slider for WordPress is fully free under the GPL license. You can use it, see the source code, use the source code on your site. You also have the opportunity to re-sell the plugin. We discourage you to do re-sell through.

The only thing you can not do is, you are not allowed to claim ownership of the source code.

Our developer works day and night for making the slider better. Our content developer is working with blog and video content for better understanding.

WordPress Bangladesh is a Facebook community that provides support for a new developer, engineer and entrepreneur! Ollzo blog about WordPress Bangladesh.

All this contribution is to help you in your business, in your website experience. All are free where Ollzo is providing thousands of salaries for the development.

Still, you are not interested to use ollzo slider for WordPress?

No PRO or Fermium:

The slider is full-free. No PRO version available. We care about the community and it’s our promise to keep the slider full free for the upcoming days.

So, don’t worry while install the plugin. After a moment, we will not pressurize you to install the PRO or we will not send boring PRO promtions.

Pre-Build Slider:

Are you suffering with the idea of new slider? Have you face dificulty while choosing a slider?

Well, Ollzo slider for WordPress has pre-build slide. You can just chose any and do customization. Or, you can get the slider category to see your own category slider.

Professional and Practical Design:

We do RnD for multiple categories such as eCommerce, web development, agency, and so on. You will see the slider category. We did not end up with few traditional results only.

The slider we provide is professional, based on practical experience. Even, you can submit a slider idea at our features request section. The developer team will personally cross-check the request.

Support for Issue:

Any support you need for Ollzo slider for WordPress? Post it at the WordPress org site. Our support engineer will reply within the best possible time.

We know, our customers are valuable, so do their time. Our support engineers are aware of the value. They will reply as soon as it comes.

If you like the plugin, rate us on WordPress.org and share it with your friends. Let’s help your friends to build a better website with the Ollzo Slider.

We will go for regular updates based on our client’s requirements and feedback. Don’t forget to sign up on our email list for getting the latest tips and tricks. Also, we will share the best deals fitted with your business.

Thank You
Ollzo Team

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