An aesthetically designed WordPress theme is part and parcel of a webmaster’s activity. In the past, themes didn’t matter as much as the web did.

Today, however, your site doesn’t just need to be designed amazingly; It must adhere to color theory, be made for user friendliness / experience and be mobile responsive among other things.

Faced with the challenge of modern website design, developers and designers have found some comfort in using templates rather than creating such sites from scratch. Pre-made templates and web development frameworks have made their workflow much easier and more efficient.

There is probably no way to view these templates effectively without a WordPress site. The most popular CMS on the Internet has a wide range of beautifully crafted themes that can be customized to the user’s liking. With the plethora of website building plugins available in WordPress, you can bet that your site will stand out from the crowd with the help of WordPress.

What is Templately?

Templately is an elemental template factory and a cloud workspace suitable for people and groups who design lots of websites using templates.

If you use Elementor, you must have heard of the add-ons needed for Element, a popular add-on plugin with over seven million downloads. The template has created the same team that is behind the success of the necessary add-ons.

Since the templates are designed with unique and advanced elements from the necessary add-ons, you can already see how good their products are. What you get is absolutely beautiful templates!

But the real gem about templates is its cloud workspace functionality. It doubles as a cloud management tool for templates where you can create designs, upload them to the cloud and use the designs whenever you want.


Template Factory

With over a thousand templates and over a hundred packs, Templar’s library is huge, enjoyed by over 30,000 users (and will grow positively as more people learn about this plugin).

The template has a general look of its own website design and you will get a sense of how awesome their templates are.

This website template pack is built using Elementor and the necessary addons. It is also fully customizable for those who know nothing about coding. It is responsive, loads fast and is ready for use.

It also contains primed pages:

This is just one example of their template packs. On the homepage of the template, you can see what you have to offer and even filter out their blocks, pages, packs, tags and dependencies. You can also use the search function to find the templates you need.

As a block, the template contains templates for headers, footers, heroes, blocks, and Gutenberg. If you only need templates for individual pages, you can filter to view pages only for archives, single products, single posts, landing pages, and other single pages.

The dependency part is also important to note, as you may have the necessary plugins to customize specific templates. For example, there are many templates where you will need Elementer Pro and the necessary Adonis Pro, which you know is not free.

Using Templately Blocks on Elementor

You can even upload specific blocks to your site from any template. You can do this using the Templately WordPress Plugin, where you just need to open your own Website Builder and add blocks there, or through the original Templately Website, where you can select and install the blocks of your choice directly in your Element Builder.

With this you don’t have to worry about importing the whole template on your own site. You can get a block and add it to your element builder.

Cloud Workspace

This feature has no cloud functionality in template factories as the ultimate gameser. For this reason, it would be surprising if some of them, especially the popular ones, copied the template’s cloud workspace.

As the name suggests, this cloud workspace is exactly what you think it is – it allows you to save and save your page templates and use them whenever you want on any website.

This will enable you to increase your productivity and save time on rebuilding your other templates and develop ways to use them on every website.

The benefits of this cloud workspace are even deeper when working with teams on multiple websites. For example, you might have to send a template to another member and he or she will then apply that template to his or her designated website or page.

But with the template’s cloud workspace, you can invite your team members and give them access to your cloud. This means the template will no longer be sent back. Your team will be able to see all the templates you want to share with them.

Templately: Ease of Use

Now that you know what features should be expected from the template and how everyone can benefit you, now is the time to answer some of the most important questions: How easy or difficult is it to install and use?

Answer: Very easy. In fact, using it seems like using any other template plugin and cloud storage.

Templately: Where it Lacks

Despite the overall application of the template in terms of its intuition and the scope of its templates, it is important to remember that it is currently in beta mode, so you can expect some errors and problems with it. That said, the solution offers a lot of possibilities and uses for both WordPress designers and developers.

Another problem with the solution is the lack of knowledge-based articles. Yes, it is true that they have worked hard to create video and text content in their docs, but the personalization of a blog article will be of great benefit to the user. Then again the solution is in its beta stage and we hope they will include more content in their marketing strategy.

For now, however, the documentation is well written enough to provide enough information to get users started.


The price of the platform is quite straightforward, coming in two different plans. Starter version allows you to access the initial starter themes of the platform. Additionally, it allows you to access a workspace account and storage for up to 100 WordPress theme templates.

On the other hand, you have the premium version, which comes at a cost of $9.99 per month. Paying that price gives you access to all starter themes, such as pro versions of themes, unlimited cloud storage, as well as workspace accounts.

They have certainly added significant value to their pricing strategy.


There are many ways to choose a WordPress theme but there are not enough templates to customize it to your liking. Templates provide affordable and powerful solutions to your website creation efforts.

In this article, we have discussed templately as a powerful WordPress theme template platform. We have discussed many of its features and also focused on where the product is lacking. Again, since the platform is still in beta stage, there is much more we can and cannot expect.

For now, the templately promises significant possibilities as a platform. There are rarely platforms that add so much value to web design and development and we would recommend it to webmasters.

As always, we like to hear something from our readers. Have you used the Templately? What do you think of it? Let us know by your comment!