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WordPress Learning Bangladesh – Best WordPress Institutions 2021

Developing a career in WordPress is not easy. But opportunity is highest and nowadays, many computer science students want to start their career in WordPress.

Now, with these advantages, many unnamed training centers are misleading the youth people. Let’s know the few best WordPress training center in Bangladesh.

Online WordPress Learning Bangladesh

REPTO – Education Center

Repto Education Center, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
Repto Education Center – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

REPTO is a Bangladeshi online education platform and one of the pioneer training website. They start their journey a few years back.

From the start, they become the trusted online platform for Bangladeshi and Bangla language lover people.

They provide online courses like technical skills, development, software engineering, hacking, and so on. Besides this, they have courses on language development, cooking and so on.

REPTO – Education Center has specialized WordPress training with the highest ratings and their student success is higher compared to others. If you have a plan for becoming a WordPress developer, then you can choose them.

They have multiple WordPress courses with theme development, WooCommerce, and theme customization. Get a WordPress-related course with a certificate and move into a WordPress career now.


eShikhon, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
eShikhon – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

eShikhon is another popular online training institute in bangladesh. They provide 42+ online course on demanding topics like web design, web development, email marketing and so on.

They provide training through zoom and similar online platform. Usually experince teacher took there classes. Beside livve class, eShikhon regularly update resources video on youtube, facebook and other social meda.

eShikhon organize the live seminer for the newbie. It’s one unique charachtertics among other training instutions. They offer basic information and QnA through the live seminer.

They do not offer direct WordPress development course. However, they have web development course, web design and web application development course.

CodersTrust Bangladesh

CodersTrust, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
CodersTrust – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

CodersTrust is Bangladeshi oldest online and offline training center. They started their journey at the year of 2015. It was founded by the global business leader Mr.Aziz Ahmad, a proud Bangladeshi-American visionary.

They offer both diplomas and short courses. They already have a good number of successful student alumni who are working on freelancing marketplace and offline jobs.

CoderTrust offers seminars and free career counseling. They are the fewest company have multiple offline training branch in Dhaka.

There are many freelancing and tech-related course in CoderTruts. However, they offer a single WordPress dedicated course. If you are a WordPress lover, you can try the course.

Besides the WordPress course, they have web design, development, digital marketing course. They have combo offers as well. As a WordPress learning Bangladesh people, CoderTrust is the better choice.


Bohubrihi, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
Bohubrihi – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

Bohubrihi is a new but popular online training institute in Bangladesh. But they do not have any dedicated course for WordPress. So We will not go deeper in WordPress learning Bangladesh.

Learn With Hasin Hayder

Learn with Hasin Hyder, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
Learn with Hasin Hyder – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

It’s a platform establish and operate by Bangladeshi popular tech guy, Hasin Hayder. Hasin Hayder is involved with many tech entrepreneurship with over 10 years of industry experience.

Learn with Hasin Hayder platform focus on web-based software development and they offer multiple WordPress learning Bangladesh courses for the users.

It’s a platform having both basic and advanced courses for the WordPress lover. If you have industry experience, you can take an advanced course where a starter can take the basic course.

This is the single platform havi9ng some unique WordPress learning Bangladesh course. You can get WordPress speed optimization, WordPress theme development, plugin development, and many more.

If your focus is to develop a career in web-based software development, then learn with Hasin Hayder is the online course platform for you.

Offline WordPress Learning Bangladesh

SoftTech IT

Softtech IT,WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
SoftTech IT – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

Softtech IT is one of the highest popular WordPress training centers. They provide courses on graphics design, web design, and development. But their WordPress course is most popular due to many reasons.

There are many popular WordPress developers who have started development from SoftTech IT and now become established in the market.

Softtech famous for its trainer Torikul Islam. He is also kind of pioneer in the WordPress section.

Creative IT

Creative IT, WordPress Learning Bangladesh,
Creative IT – WordPress Learning Bangladesh –

If you want to start your career in WordPress theme development or WordPress plugin development, or even WordPress based software development, then this blog will help you a lot.

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Once upon a time, few years back, it was almost zero opportunity for WordPress learning Bangladesh. But now, many training center are providing quality WordPress development training in Dhaka.

Now, which WordPress learning Bangladesh training center you are going to try in 2021? Let us know in the comment box.

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