WP Page Builder Plugin (Honest Review 2022)

No coding is required with this super fast drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder.

The WP page builder theme comes from a talented team of developers. This is a pack maker plugin featuring virtual lots of paired design elements with an intuitive UI.

Like many of the popular WordPress page builders here you will find access to a front-end drag and drop interface that provides a complete WYSIWYG user experience. Without any coding knowledge, the plugin will help you create fantastic professional-grade layouts for clicks.

It even comes with a decent collection of ready-made surface templates that can be extremely helpful when you can’t let your creative juices flow. All in all, WP Page Builder is a great visual WordPress page builder, so we’ve prepared a comprehensive review detailing its features and user experience.

So let’s start without further ado:

WP Page Builder Plugin Features:

There is a complete rundown of all the bells and stairs that the plugin brings to the table.

  • It has front-end WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designing experience.
  • A rich collection by adding 60 designing blocks with 27 layout packs.
  • Powerful and flexible layout system that lets you add columns and rows to create a custom layout.
  • Full control over column spacing and option to resize columns to suit your needs.
  • Support for nested rows.
  • Drag and drop enabled for site building system.
  • Unlimited undoing and reversing options, so you don’t have to worry about making accidental mistakes.
  • Have the option to store your custom built layouts inside the design library for future use.
  • You have over 30 add-ons to change the look and feel of your WordPress website.
  • It’s support for custom post types.
  • WordPress widget supporting.
  • And much more.

User Experience:

The plugin lets you first choose the desired template based on your website design and layout. Of course, you can choose the building from scratch, but it is always best to build on top of a design.

Once you select a template, the full front-end UI will reveal itself to you. Here you can drag the newly designed modules in the layout drop each design module can be further customized to please your taste. You’ll also get intuitive controls to help you add and delete columns and layouts.


WP Page Builder has a great standard interface as far as page creators can go. You will get a visual preview of your design on the right and a sidebar on the left where you can control your own designs.

One thing I really like is the ability to adjust the spacing (margin / padding) using a dragon and drop slider. You can use the same drug and drop method to resize columns.

However, there is no inline editing, which is somewhat downhill. Instead, you need to edit the text in the sidebar editor.

Included widgets / templates

Even with the free version, WP Page Builder comes with a great selection of widgets. For example, the free version gives you a pricing table, post grid, flip box, and more. Most other page creators save these elements for the premium version.

You get access to 31+ layout bundles that are themed template packs for specific niches. Each format contains multiple templates.

Styling Options

I’ve already mentioned the drag-and-drop spacing / layout controls, which is a really convenient feature.

Beyond that, you’ll find a good array of style options. For example, you get shape separators, options for hiding elements on specific devices and using different settings for different devices, and lots of common style options.

However, while it’s in a firm position you won’t get so many options with something like Element or DV, that’s why I’m taking a “4” score instead of a “5”.

Other Notable Features

WP Page Builder is a solid page builder, but it does not create the kind of extras you get with other page builders. For example, there is no theme building, popup builder, etc.

Outside of the page creator himself, I don’t really see any features that stand out.. 


When you disable WP Page Builder, it removes everything, including your content. Even if you only add a single text block, if you disable WP Page Builder, that text block will disappear.

The content will appear when you activate the plugin.


WP Page Builder comes up with a free offer that is quite powerful in its own right. However, it comes with a whole host of activities discussed above. While this is more than capable of helping you build a decent website or blog, being persuaded is your only option if you want a full roster of features.

The Basic plan starts at $39 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single domain and comes with 1 year of update and priority support. Their $59 plan extends the license limit to 5 websites. And their top tier unlimited plan for 99 99 lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains.


Is Themeum WP Page Builder Right for You?

As you can see, Themeum WP Page Builder boasts a laundry list of powerful features and functionality to help you create truly amazing websites. In addition, it comes in a free version that is more efficient than the average WordPress user.

In this case, we recommend that users try out WP Page Builder for free and see if it can help you create the kind of website you envision. If not here is a new product just for you!

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