Managing your bookings and appointments on your website is often difficult. Whether managing meetings, booking your services, or planning events, it’s important to use a tool that has a simple, streamlined interface. This article is all about the 5 best WordPress booking plugin (FREE).

You may be lucky to have a few brilliant WordPress booking plugins that can help you manage all your bookings and appointments without any stress.

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Using these plugins, you will get the experience of an automated online booking and scheduling process interface, where you will be notified of all scheduling, scheduling conditions, and many more features that help you to manage your appointments more easily.

Whether you run a hotel, resort, spa, travel agency, consulting firm, rental store, marketing company, or any business that allows prospects booking services or schedule appointments, you will benefit greatly from using these useful WordPress booking plugins.

The best WordPress booking plugins

In this article, I have listed 7 booking plugins that you can use if you want a comfortable way to manage your booking process on your own site. Each of these plugins is amazing and has its own special features that you may find useful. We have tested several booking plugins before choosing these 7 plugins.

So let’s talk in detail for the listed plugins.

Amelia – Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia is a plugin for appointment book automation, cutting-edge software architecture approach and technology embedding in WordPress. User interface design and all components from UX to back-end APIs were developed by a professional team that typically works on large enterprise platforms.

People often look for a booking plugin that works perfectly for their appropriate place or the industry they are in. Lucky for you, Amelia works across any industry (and will probably work for you!).

Amelia - Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin, ollzo
Amelia – Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin, ollzo

Amelia has one of the biggest positive possibilities: a strong user experience while working on the WordPress dashboard, ridiculously detailed reports so you can optimize your bookings, and a front-end user-friendly booking page will transform your website into a booking paradise.

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin offers detailed analysis:

Amelia supports:

Amelia’s UI / UX can be noticed by large web design resources and is published as an inspiration. The product is quite new, but it has already received high reviews and recognition from WordPress viewers.

Bookly – WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin

The Bookley plugin includes a free and paid version. If you plan to upgrade to the premium version, expect to pay a one-time fee of 89 89 (unless you want to pay for customer support). The free plugin is an initial booking tool, but you will not receive support for online payments and an unlimited number of staff users. So, unless you accept a free booking, the Bookly Premium Edition is best for you.

Bookly - WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin, ollzo
Bookly – WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin, ollzo

As its feature, Bookley is the most modern-looking plugin on this list. It has a fun design on the backend and frontend and you can customize many areas of the booking form without knowing any code. I would not recommend it if you plan to use custom code but I think most newbies and advanced users will feel at home sitting in the power and style of the plugin.

Booking form fully customizable and responsive. It has multiple views for both administrators and clients. Not to mention, Bookie has a module for creating an unlimited number of staff members, where each member can create unique pricing and availability. So, for example, a gym can do this for a group of personal trainers.

Features that make the bookly a great choice:

Team Booking – WordPress booking system

As you may have noticed, most WordPress booking plugins are quite affordable even after opting for the premium version. Ideally, everything will be free, but in general most companies require a premium version for these connected features. This is one of the reasons we like Team Booking Plugin, it comes in at a low price of $28 and you can connect with PayPal or Stripe for payment processing.

Team Booking - WordPress booking system, ollzo
Team Booking – WordPress booking system, ollzo

The Team Booking plugin packs a lot of features comparable to the best options on the market. This solution provides three built-in formats, one with a regular frontend booking calendar, another for scheduled services (such as support tickets) and a third for upcoming events that update your Google Calendar. Calendars are modern and flexible to add multiple fields of form builders to their appearance and easily collect your customer data.

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You can even include such maps whenever a customer wants to save a time slot.

It’s hard to completely cover the feature list, but overall, most of the tools you need are packed into the plugin. I would not recommend this booking plugin if you want to customize using code. This is a great solution with all the built-in features needed for those who know nothing about coding.

Features that make team bookings a great choice:

Simply Schedule Appointments – Booking Calendar

Simply Schedule Appointments is a cultured and easy to use schedule plugin for businesses running WordPress. They both offer a free version as well as three premium versions of their plugin, which include more advanced features and unique integrated access.

Their premium versions start at $ 99 (plus version) and include features like Google Calendar Sync, custom fields in your booking form, Mailchimp integration and the ability to book class and group events.

Simply Schedule Appointments – Booking Calendar, ollzo
Simply Schedule Appointments – Booking Calendar, ollzo

Simply schedule appointments is designed to provide WordPress websites an easy way to add and manage their online appointment schedules. This is reflected in their interactive setup wizard, which lets you set up your booking form and place it on your website in just five minutes.

Additionally, all of their versions (including their free version) integrate with popular page builders such as Element, DV, and Beaver Builder to allow WordPress users to simply drag-and-drop their booking form to match their site, as well as style and customize.

One of the biggest reasons for use Simply Schedule Appointments is their frequent updates and high quality customer support. Their development team is constantly working to release new features and upgrades (such as team scheduling and a zoom consolidation) on Their Customer Support is one of the few support groups to respond on the same day, which is reflected in their 5-star review rating in the WordPress repository.

Features that make appointments easy to schedule make a great choice:

Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress

The booked plugin is only sold through CodeCanyon and it goes for an affordable price of $49. Some types of bookings that are approved include booking, guest booking and registered booking.

You can present your time slots in a calendar or list view and translate it into another language. What’s more, you’re able to assign calendars to specific people in your organization. So, you may have a travel agent or personal trainer who needs their own schedule. In addition to multiple calendars, each user is able to create somewhat personal profiles to stand in front of customers.

Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress, ollzo
Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress, ollzo

Like most plugins sold through CodeCanyon, the booking fee is a one-time price. However you are extra for the whole 12 months customer support can be increased for $16.50.

Most customization settings include calendar colors and fields but this makes the plugin so easy to use. The frontend interface looks elegant and modern, and you’re able to integrate with a wide range of other add-ons like Payments, including WooCommerce, Frontend Agents, and Calendar Feeds.

Features That Make Booked a Great Choice:


Booking plugins come with a lot of different features that can enhance how you run your business appointments. Any worthwhile booking plugin will give a great user experience, integrate well with your WordPress site and simplify the process of accepting and organizing appointments.

In this article, we are trying to make you understand booking plugins and discuss the best WordPress booking plugin at this time. You can choose any one of them for your website.