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Planning to create a new website with WordPress and Elementor? If yes, you can take a look at this blog. We are going to talk about a popular element add-on with over 3 million downloads. Essential Addons for Elementor Widget develop by WPDeveloper.

Elementor provides many widgets that you can use to build your website. Then why you need Essential Addons for Elementor Widget?

Well, sometimes they are not enough. You need more widgets to unleash that help develop and deploy the site within the shortest possible time. We reviewed another Elementor plugin from ollzo.

Essential Addons provide 70+ Premium Elements widgets for your website. Their 1,900 +Five Stars Rating with 1 million+ Happy Customers shows their quality and popularity.

What is an Essential Addons?

Essential Addons is supportive addons for Elementor. If you use free or pro Elementor, still you will need support for ready block design customization and creating modern design. Essential Addons comes with the solutions and provides you next-level support for developing a WordPress website without coding.

Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2021 , plugin review by ollzo


Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2023 , plugin review by ollzo

Add-ons for Elementor are the most popular Element add-on plugins on the market. More than 449,987 websites use this powerful add-on to create stunning websites.

Necessary additions are one of the products developed by WPDPlover. This add-on comes in 2017, one year after the birth of Element. The required additions are not for the Elementor. Instead, this plugin is also available for Cornerstone, another page builder for WordPress. For Elementor, the required add-ons are available as freemium add-ons. The free version of this add-on is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

The add-ons needed for Elementor come with 65+ new elements. They have seven different categories and the name is content elements, creative elements, dynamic content elements, form style elements, learning management elements, marketing elements and social elements.

If you are a beginner or a pro, the add-ons needed for Elementor can enable you to create amazing websites without having to write a single line of code. All you have to do is install, activate and start creating a Masterpiece WordPress website.

In addition to widgets and elements, the add-ons needed for Elementor provide 100+ pre-made blocks and templates that enable you to create stunning websites on the go. The best part is that the Essential Addon elements and templates are fully customizable and you can control every aspect of the design.

Essential Addons Features & Benefits

Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2021 , plugin review by ollzo


Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2023 , plugin review by ollzo

Addons needed for Elementor helps you increase your Element page builder capabilities with 65+ creative elements and extensions. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this amazing page builder add-on plugin.

Extends Elementor Page Builder Capabilities

This plugin improves Elementor Page Builder capabilities with easy-to-use and creative elements. With these creative elements you can create awesome and fully responsive websites in no time.

Pre-built Blocks 100+ and Templates

This plugin comes with hundreds of pre-built, fully customizable blocks and templates that enable you to create stunning websites on the go. You can easily access all the pre-made blocks and templates. It even lets you save templates and designs in the cloud and place templates on hundreds of websites in one click.

Fully Customizable Elements

Each component provided by the required addons is fully customizable. Each component comes with a large number of customization options to control every aspect of the design. Literally, you can take any element and customize the way you craft masterpiece websites.

If you want to contact us, drop an email at or send messages at ollzo Facebook. We are available for WordPress theme development, custom plugin development, eCommerce, and bug fix service.

Light Weight & Responsive

The Essential Addons plugin is lightweight and will not slow down your website like other Addon plugins on the market. The plugin is fully optimized for fast loading and instant live editing options for your website.

Flexible Element Control Options

This plugin comes with a simple element control option where you can enable/disable individual elements to make the page load faster and smoother. This allows you to disable/disable unnecessary widgets to help the site load faster to provide a better user experience.
Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2023 , plugin review by ollzo

Elementor Expert Support

Necessary add-ons come with a reliable and fast support team. It provides customer support in the form of live chats, contact forms and support forums where you can enlist the help of expert representatives.

Powerful Extensions

The Essential Addons plugin comes with powerful extensions for various options such as parallax scrolling, table of contents, content protection, advanced toolbar and much more.

  • Content protection: Content protection extensions enable you to protect your content from unauthorized users. This feature allows you to lock specific content on a page or post with a password.

  • Parallax Effect: This allows you to create a parallax scrolling effect on your pages and make them more powerful and eye-catching.

Other Features

Unlike premium element add-ons like Jetliments, Essential add-ons do not provide pre-made templates. However, features like disabling certain widgets are available.

After installing the Essential Add-on, your Elementor will have 60+ additional widgets. In addition to Element’s native widgets, you will have over 100 hundred widgets. We’re sure you won’t need all of this. Also, some required addons (or at least similar ones) are initially already available in Elementor Pro.

Essential add-ons allow you to stream your element by disabling the required widgets. Notice an important point. If you disable a widget used on a published page, the widget will disappear from the page. So, if you want to disable a required Addons widget, you better do it before you start working with Essential Addons.

Essential Addons allows you to integrate your WordPress with the mailchimps you need for this service. Or, if you use LayerDash, there is an EA LearnDash course list widget that you can use to display your online courses on your WordPress site.

Technical Support

WPDeveloper has great technical support. If you experience a technical problem on weekdays, you can use the live chat feature to get instant answers. Or, if you can wait, you can also create a support ticket.

Essential Addons Pricing

Essential Addons Pricing, ollzo


Essential Addons Pricing could be changed and you are requested to check the official price here.

With the 60+ widget and the features described above, the required add-ons charge  $39.97 a year for a single site and $79.98 for multiple sites. Or, if you hate the subscription-based model, Essential Addons also offers a one-time purchase option for $199.98.

Final Essential Call

Adding the necessary add-ons adds a library of creative elements to enhance the functionality of Elementor Page Builder which helps you to create stunning websites easily. The Essential Addons plugin is lightweight and will not slow down your website.

Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2021 , plugin review by ollzo


Essential Addons for Elementor Widget 2023 , plugin review by ollzo

The library of essential elements of Essential Addons is fully customizable and manageable. Content-control options allow you to enable/disable individual components to load your pages faster and smoother.

Essential add-ons provide 100+ customizable pre-built blocks and templates that enable you to create amazing websites quickly and easily – at no extra cost!

If you are an Element user who wants to extend the functionality of Basic Page Builder with creative elements and widgets, then the necessary add-ons are worth your effort.

Essential Addons bring strong customer support in the form of live chat and ticket support to solve your problem directly. What is your opinion about Essential Addon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

NB- If you found any mistake, misleading information in this blog. That’s our mistake and we apologies for it. Please email us at and we will update/take down the content based on your feedback. We write for both developers and end-users and our only intention is to spare positive information.

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