If you are in the 21st century and own a website, it is important to remind you of the importance of using forms on your website. You already know this. A form allows your visitors to reach you at any time without too many ads.

The contact form is the most common form that website owners use on their website. However, a contact form may not be enough for you.

Feedback forms, multi-step forms, booking forms, event forms, job application forms, restaurant reservation forms, product order forms, support forms, login and registration forms, WooCommerce checkout forms, etc. are becoming popular day by day and you may need them as well.

If you need to create a contact form or any of the forms mentioned above, you can rely on Metform, a design-friendly form builder for Elementor that is advanced, flexible.

In this article, we are going to talk about the unique features of the type of form you can create with MetForm and what MetForm offers. I will also keep the kind of widgets or textbooks you can use to create the form you want. Go ahead.

Metform Features

Metform plugin comes with professional and effective feature. It become popular among the other related form plugin due to it’s unique feature and functions.

Metform provides a big range of features for its users. If you compare MetForm with other forms for WordPress sites, you will see how distinct MetForm is.From the public stands the metform with the following features

Built with Elementor

Metform is an elementor based form builder. It works seamlessly with both the free and pro versions of Elementor Page Builder.

Input Fields

You can get more than 25+ input fields for different types of forms created with MetForm. These input widgets allow you to create complex forms that will serve a variety of purposes.

You may need to apply text widgets, password widgets, date widgets, email widgets, checkbox widgets, URL widgets, password widgets, opt-in widgets, rating widgets, file upload widgets, etc. to your general forms.

User Confirmation Email

You can send confirmation mail to each user when they register or successfully submit their data.

Admin Notification Email

As an admin, you will receive a notification email after successful submission of any information from the end user. However, you can turn off this notification if you wish.

Saved Entries in the Admin Panel

You can save all the data submitted by users in the form. That information will be displayed in the admin panel.

Limit Total Entries

Set a limit on the number of entries to submit your form. You can choose to show an error message when your form receives the required number of entries.

Slack Integration

You can choose to redirect all form data to integrate with Slack so you can quickly get customer information in your team.

Google reCAPTCHA Integration

This feature enables you to integrate Google reCAPTCHA to protect your site from unwanted spam as well as offensive traffic.

Validate Required Fields

This feature will help you verify the required fields in your form and display error messages when needed. This makes your form standard and more professional.

Translation Ready 

The forms that you create with MetForm can be translated into multiple languages. So, the language will no longer be an obstacle for you to collect and translate any data you want.

Multiple Image Selection

Allow your users to choose one or more images from multiple options of any form created with Metform. Users can upload images horizontally and vertically.


Metform allows you to integrate user-rating options with your form. This feature will enable you to know customer feedback and thoughts about your products and services.

Easy Payment Method

When it comes to paying, allow your users to choose the one that works best for them from multiple payment methods.

Powerful Set-Up

MetForm comes with dozens of integration scopes. This allows you to save entries to the dashboard with more flexibility in all forms of form creation.


To explain how MetForm works and how you should create forms with MetForm, we’ve documented all the information about MetForm here.

The type of form that can be created with the metform

With MetForm installed on your WordPress site, you can create 20+ different types of forms for your website. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Contact Form

MetForm provides one-page contact forms for your website visitors to contact you instantly. Your visitors can comment or ask you questions by providing their personal information on the contact form.

Google Reconciliation integration helps protect your website from unwanted traffic and unwanted spam before submitting the form.

Multi-Step Form

If you are providing products or services that require more information to better serve clients, you can take the multi-step form.

Suppose, you have a restaurant business that serves delicious food to nearby customers. In that view you need more than just the personal information of your customers.

A multi-step form allows you to order customers to choose their preferred food, choose the quantity and flavor, and then place an order by providing their delivery address and other necessary details.

If you want your customers to reach you after two, three or more steps, you should integrate a multi-step form into your website if you want to get all the information you need for your service.

Calculation Form

A calculation form allows your customers to calculate the price of the product or service you are providing.

Allow customers to choose your product or service they want to buy and the form will automatically determine the price they pay. Customers can leave a message or comment before submitting the form to you.

Conditional form

Conditional forms allow you to communicate with customers by asking them questions or the option to fill out and submit.

Do you want to know about your customers’ experience with your website, products or services? Do you want your customers to choose from a bunch of options? You can do this and much more by creating conditional forms using MetForm.

Feedback Form

Creating a feedback form with Metform allows you to get direct ratings and suggestions from your clients. You can also create a form where they can report any bugs so you can make your website more secure.

Volunteer Application Form

If you are running an organization of any kind, especially nonprofit people, you can pick up a volunteer application form to find volunteers willing to support you for a good cause.

Interested candidates can inform you about their area of ​​interest, their skill set, time slots in job opportunities etc. through the volunteer application form. They can either ask you a question or apply for the position you are proposing.

Booking Form

Integrating booking forms into your elementary sites allows your customers to book for the services you provide.

If you need advanced booking from customers of any hotel, motel or business type, this booking form will create a bridge between you and them.

With the booking form you can collect any personal information like name, email address, contact number, check-in / check-out date, number of beds required by your customers

Event Form 

Do you have an event next week or month? Would you like to gather information about event participants and their personal details and preferences? If your answer is ‘yes’, adding an event form to your website will help ease the pressure of intensive interaction.

An event form lets you collect information from interested participants about their contact information, dietary requirements, special preferences or any suggestions and comments.

Metform allows you to create your own set of questions and options for participants to answer and submit.

Job application / list form

Looking for new staff? Create a job application form along with the metform to submit CVs and other important information to interested candidates.

You can create a job listing form where an organization can keep a company profile with details of location and salary, type of contract, location, job, etc. that they are offering to job seekers.

Loan Application Form

For banks and finance companies, a loan application form is required to collect important information from the applicants.

You can pick up the application form to collect personal information from applicants including their income, address, marital status, phone number and what else you want to know from them. On top of that, you can customize the form options to meet what you need.

Restaurant Reservation Form

A restaurant reservation form allows customers to reserve their seats at a restaurant online.

This reservation form is a good choice for those restaurant owners who make reservations online on their website.

Guests can easily save their place by providing their personal details, number of guests, type of reservation, date and time of participation, etc. They can make any special request such as mentioning their favorite foods, requesting a birthday setup, and more They want.

Admission Form

Metform allows you to create a stunning admission form that allows you to receive detailed information from new applicants.

Collect personal information, including name, gender, nationality, race, address, and any information you may need to allow applicants to enter your organization.

Newsletter Signup Form

Allow your customers to fill out a form to subscribe to your website’s newsletters. A simple form allows you to collect subscribers’ names, emails and consent to receive newsletters from you.

Product Order Form

Metform allows you to create a product order form that your customers can use to order products.

You can integrate the personal details section with the product name, color, quantity, price, payment method section so that your customers find it very easy to order your products when they go.

WooCommerce Checkout Form

If you’re running WooCommerce on your website, creating a WooCommerce checkout form will help your customers order your products and check out pretty quickly.

Subscribe Form

Let visitors to your website subscribe for offers, ebooks and updates by filling out a simple subscription form created by Metform.

Support Form

Create a support form by MetForm so that your customers can get the necessary support regarding the product or service you provide.

Your customers can write and upload screenshots related to the problem they are experiencing. Solve the problems they are facing in order to turn into your repeat customers.

Login & Registration Form

Metform allows you to easily create a registration or login form on a page that allows visitors to register or login to your website. You can create fields like usernames, passwords, emails and other data fields inside the form.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

The metform forms with the element and it will work with the element without worries. And can manage from the responsive primary site builder. As well as your forms will look fantastic in all resolutions and gadgets: mobile, tablet and desktop computers.


The Metform Creator Contact page gives you complete flexibility to create any form on the fly with Metform. Any desire to complicate? Complex fashion? No problem, any form can be created with metform. If you want to assign a graphic or video under an application and wish to show it to the customer, you can do so… You can work with any element addon of the type of Metform Builder without any restrictions.

Metform Pricing

Most of the features of Metform are in the free version but if you want some advanced features then you need the Pro version. The Pro version comes two different ways. One is yearly and another one is lifetime subscription.

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The Personal plan for yearly starts at $39 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single site and comes with 1 year of update and priority support. Their $87 plan for Professionals extends the license limit to 5 websites. And their top tier unlimited plan for $179 for Agency lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains.

For the lifetime licenses, Personal plan starts at $119 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single site and comes with lifetime update and priority support. Their $259 plan for Professionals extends the license limit to 5 websites. And their top tier unlimited plan for $489 for Agency lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains.