ProductX is a Gutenberg product block plugin for WooCommerce websites. It can help you create a beautiful WooCommerce product grid, WooCommerce product list, WooCommerce product slider, product category list and WooCommerce product carousel in seconds.

For using this amazing plugin, You don’t need to write a single line of code and also you don’t need any kind of coding knowledge.

Why choose the ProductX Plugin?

ProductX, the best Gutenberg Blocks for WooCommerce, ollzo
ProductX, the best Gutenberg Blocks for WooCommerce, ollzo

Not only this, the most complete plugin for WooCommerce, the ProductX plugin has lots of interesting features such as product comparison, quick view, custom list and product image flip. It can display latest products, best selling products, sales products, featured products, category products.

Key Features of ProductX

ProductX, the best Gutenberg Blocks for WooCommerce, ollzo
ProductX, the best Gutenberg Blocks for WooCommerce, ollzo
WooCommerce Category Filter OptionsReadymade Beautiful Sections
Readymade Starter PacksSaved Templates Addon for Shortcode
Quickview Addon for View Product InstantlyOne Product Listing Blocks
2 Different Product Category BlocksFour Different Product Grid View Blocks
897+ Free Google Font SupportAdvanced Post Query Builder
Loading Page without ReloadingResponsive: 4 Different Device Settings
Advanced Typography ControlImage Hover Animation Support
Custom CSS Option10 Beautifully Crafted Gutenberg Blocks

Discussion About Features

QUERY Builder: Using WooCommerce Product Blocks Custom Query Builder you can create a complex query for your product grid view. Anyone can create complex custom searches for each block without writing a single line of code.

Product grid: Product Grid lets you showcase products to your ecommerce shop visitors in a grid layout format. Here are 4 product grid views that you can choose from having a few unique grid layouts for your store.

Product listing: Product listing view lets you display products in the form of a list display. Product listing is a very useful block that helps users to see the product list view at a glance. Very easy to customize in a few clicks.

Product Category Grid: The product block for ecommerce has 2 product section grid view blocks. It displays the product based on their categories and makes it very easy for your visitors to search for the product.

Product slider: Product slider will allow you to display your product in slide format. The product slider is a very useful block to showcase your best products to quickly attract the attention of visitors to your pages.

Product pagination: Product pages help to organize products beautifully and make them easily accessible. It is very easy to customize the product page feature in WooCommerce product blocks according to the needs of your pages store.

Quickview Adon: Using Product Quick View Addon you can give users an option to see the most important description of a product in minutes. With product blocks for ecommerce, you can easily add these to your store.

Wishlist Addon: Wishlist Addon is a very exciting feature that enables your users to save their favorite products to their favorites list. This increases the chances of selling much more.

Flip image addon: As the name suggests, when you use this add-on of WooCommerce product blocks, product images are automatically reversed.

Compare Addon: Compare Addon is very useful in comparison to give users a very good experience. With the help of comparative addon, a customer can compare a product and choose which one is better.

Saved Templates Addon: You can use Save Templates Addon to save any block as a template created for your online store design. And you can use these templates anywhere in the WordPress editor or page builder via shortcodes. This is a very useful feature that saves you a lot of time and energy as you do not have to recreate the same block as the reusable block.

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Product Grid #1 Blocks: Display your WooCommerce website’s product with a grid display and slide view.

WooCommerce Product Grid #2 Blocks: Display dynamic WooCommerce website’s products with short descriptions and much more.

WooCommerce Product Grid #3 Blocks: Display your WooCommerce website’s product grid display with modern design and slide view.

WooCommerce Product Grid #4 Blocks: Display your WooCommerce website’s product grid display with tiles layout.

WooCommerce Product List #1 Blocks: Display WooCommerce website’s product in list view styling. Best for showing many products at a time.

WooCommerce Product Category #1 Blocks: Display your WooCommerce website’s category in different styles. Has tons of settings in category and styling.

WooCommerce Product Category #2 Blocks: Display your WooCommerce website’s category in modern styles.

WooCommerce Heading Blocks: Display heading of a specific section for your WooCommerce website’s with a lot of pre-made design in Gutenberg Blocks.

WooCommerce Wrapper Blocks: Wrapper blocks work like the container. Inside this container blocks you can add blocks on your WooCommerce website’s and change the appearance of the wrapper.

WooCommerce Image Blocks: Display Image with a lot of style, button and overlay in WooCommerce website’s Gutenberg Post Blocks. Helps to create beautiful banners and image showcases.

Pricing Plan

Use the ProductX plugin and start creating your own WooCommerce website. You can easily create powerful sites. Most of the features of ProductX are in the free version but if you want some advanced features then you need the Pro version.

The Personal License pack comes with $39 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single site and comes with 1 year of update and priority support. Their $63 plan for Business pack extends the license limit to unlimited websites. And their Lifetime Unlimited plan for $167 lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains with lifetime support and updates.


ProductX is a plugin that understands the needs of the user. Whether it’s a WordPress apprentice or a seasoned webmaster – anyone can get used to the plugin controls for its intuitive design. With incredible off-the-shelf features combined with an encyclopedia-like community of supporters and documentation, ProductX will surely rise to the throne of the best WordPress event management plugins.

As always, we like to hear something from our readers. Have you used ProductsX? What do you think of it? Does your current plugin do something that you don’t mind? Let us know by your comment!