Did you ever search with “WordPress Bangladesh” on google? Or in social media? Well, No matter whether you search it or not, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn about “WordPress Bangladesh” – the Bangladeshi most popular Facebook group in Bangladesh. You will also get to know a more interesting social community.

WordPress Bangladesh is a Facebook community, Created date 24 December 2010 for local WordPress lovers. Now, after 11+ years, It has 85,500+ groups with popular WordPress contributors. In the last year, it grows almost 20,000 new WordPress lovers.

History of WordPress Bangladesh

WordPress Bangladesh Facebook community, ollzo
WordPress Bangladesh Facebook community – ollzo

WordPress Bangladesh was created 10 years back for Bangladeshi WordPress enthusiasts. There were very few WordPress developers those days. Developers wanted to grow the community and they choose Facebook as a medium. On those starting days, admins were sharing related resources.

Service WordPress Bangladesh offers

It’s a Facebook community for WordPress lovers. But this is not only a Facebook community. It’s a place for some amazing service. It’s an active community for a noob. The group becomes the highest popular for Bangladeshi developers for their activity.

WordPress Bangladesh is a place of resource sharing. Senior developer often shares tutorial, blog and tips post for juniors. Besides this, if any junior developer faces any issue, seniors help in the comments. Well, senior developers also offer technical support, guideline, free theme and plugin. Also, promotional offers are often shared by different domain hosting companies.

WordPress Community Meetup

WordPress Bangladesh Rangpur Meetup – ollzo

As mentioned earlier, the group is supper popular among similar Facebook groups. So, leaders in this group regularly organize community meetups. The meetup helps developers to boost up knowledge and network. Normally, before every meetup, the organizer starts by announcing the event. After that, sponsors, hosting places and tickets are made for the participants. Finally, key speakers from the community leader speak on the event day.

Each event works as a boost for the participants and many people got their first network from the WordPress Bangladesh meetup. Officious all the WordPress Bangladesh meetups contain foods for the participants.

A decade ago, many developers start learning from the WordPress Bangladesh group. Few of them is now the market leader. They are building a team and company. While they need some new employees, they share the job offer here in the WordPress Bangladesh group. If you want to get a job in WordPress related company, then that social group could be your destination.

There is some other amazing social community here in Bangladesh. The rest of the blog is all about related Facebook communities:

Internships and Jobs in Bangladesh

Internship and Jobs in Bangladesh, ollzo
Internship and Jobs in Bangladesh, ollzo

Internships and jobs in Bangladesh are job-based on social communities. It’s one of the most popular jobs sharing Facebook groups with more than 30,000+ members. They provide all kinds of job news, internship news, and career-related resources. Besides this, the group regularly hosts Facebook live for the audience.

Internship and Jobs in Bangladesh work as a sister concern of career portal job site. They work with the aim of reducing the gap between industry and fresh graduates. The group is also the place for young job searcher who needs remote jobs. It’s the very few group share international jobs for Bangladeshi job searchers.

Ollzo Facebook Community

Ollzo Facebook community is the official group of Ollzo.com. Any user and tech lover can post any issue in the group and a number of dedicated social managers will respond to your post. Alls, the group is the place for ollzo’s official announcement. Ollzo share offers vacancies and other resources for its users here in this community.

JS Bangladesh – Coding Talks

JS Bangladesh - Ollzo
JS Bangladesh – Ollzo

JS Bangladesh is another popular Facebook group like WordPress Bangladesh. JSB is Javascript and web development, focus group. They are providing web development-related videos and posts regularly.

Besides the tutorial, they share related resources, solve the problem, bug fix and guide the new developer. JSB is an amazing place for people, who wants to become web developer and front-end, web engineer. JS Bangladesh shares a very small number of related offers. But they always try to maintain the best user experience and better community development.

As with WordPress Bangladesh, js Bangladesh was stats a few years back for the building we based developer community. Now, within a couple of years, JS Bangladesh becomes another popular destination for young people.

Galib Notes

Galib Notes Facebook Page, WordPress Bangladesh, Ollzo
Galib Notes Facebook Page, WordPress Bangladesh, Ollzo

Galib Notes is a name with a popular Facebook page, website, and youtube channel. Galib Notes often share computer science-related resources. How to become a better computer engineer and lead the world is the key idea for galib notes. Asadullah Galib is the key host for the channel. It has already hit more than 2000 subscribers and growing regularly.

Galib Notes website is another place for youth changemakers. You can read the blog for career development, computer science, and engineering, funny science fiction, etc.

Foot Note

WordPress is one of the best CMS and highest popular in the globe. At the same time, It’s also a popular platform in Bangladesh. Most bloggers and developers start with WordPress. It’s easy to customize, manage and maintain. Based on WordPress development, Bangladesh got some amazing software companies.

WordPress Bangladesh Facebook group provides the Payoneer service and leads the developer community. It’s the very few spam-free communities. Do you love WordPress? Are you want to develop a WordPress site or want to become a WordPress developer? Join WordPress Bangladesh today.

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