Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin

A recent survey notices that most of the web developer does not have any website. So do you? A web developer takes a long time to build a website. It’s not just a matter of code. It includes design, testing, development and so on. What, if you get it all within just a few clicks?

Possible? Does Qubely Gutenberg block editor plugin going to make it happened?

The challenges that non-tech people face when creating a website from scratch are easily predictable. In general, they lack sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP. Ready template can help you many ways including saving time, reducing cost, less technical difficulty and whatnot. But where to get the template?

Huh! Arising multiple questions already. Let’s solve the problem now! If you need a web template that has a great design, it is search engine optimized and built for everyone, Qubely Gutenberg block editor is a great option. Let’s explore this in detail.

Introducing Qubely Plugin

Qubely is the advanced Gutenberg block toolkit. With 35+ powerful Gutenberg blocks and 150+ ready-made sections, it gives users that exactly what users need. The best thing about this plugin is the seamless congruence with WooCommerce. To make the game up, the developers also provide special starter packs for Kubeli Pro, including website templates ready for the niche in big business.

Qubely review on WordPress org, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor, ollzo
Qubely review on WordPress org, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor, ollzo

The plugin has already become the best-selling plugin of the theme in 2019. Today, 10,000+ people including developers, organizations and freelancers around the world choose Qubely. It’s a website or landing pages whatever it is, everything built with Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor

Plugin is guaranteed to catch the eye of visitors.

Features of Qubely Plugin

If you are interested in new experiments and want to create amazing websites without writing a single line of code, then Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor is the plugin for you. With smart navigation, regular updates and bug fixes and a user-friendly interface, this plugin are ready to take your website to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that differentiate it from a host of features like this.

Smart Layout BuilderClassic & Gradient Background Color
Custom Typography ControlDevice-Specific Responsive Controls
Global Color and Typography SettingsGoogle Fonts support
Built-in animationBox-shadow
Font Awesome 5 iconsCustom CSS
Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Features, ollzo

Qubely Gutenberg Block List

At the time of writing, the Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor free version brings about 30 additional Gutenberg blocks. Which are 10 more for Pro users play with 10 more blocks. The engineering team continuously updating the block based on users’ feedback. You will be confused to check which block you love most? Here is a list of major blocks.

Qubely Blocks List (part), Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo
Qubely Blocks List (part), Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo

Row Block Of Qubely Plugin

When you select a row block, it agitates you to choose a column layout. Gutenberg provides column blocks by default, but Qubely’s row blocks are more advanced. As the design was made for helping you individually, so you will feel easy and comfortable using them. For starters, this lets you delete or add columns to the block right there. This allows you to change the width of a column by dragging the handle exactly as in the element.

In the right side panel, you will find several settings for your row. You can set water size, padding and margins, add a background (solid, gradient, image or video), set a border and box shadow, and you can add a shape divider and animation. You can even make the position relative, fixed or absolute.

Lots of settings for mobiles and tablets can be adjusted separately and you can even reverse the mobile columns, or choose to hide the row on a specific device. For more advanced developers, you can change the z-index and add your own CSS – each element has a custom CSS block but you can also set a CSS ID or class.

Use Row block for your next website and let us know, what you can not do with the block. Have you found anything? most probably NO.

Advanced Text Block Of Qubely

Qubely Blocks List (part), Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo
Qubely Blocks List (part), Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo

One of the most important blocks of any site is of course the text block. Gutenberg obviously has a text block by default! But again, Qubely’s text block has already spelled the name – improved. With blocks in the default Gutenberg paragraph. You can choose the size of a font, the color of the font, and the color of the background – that’s about it. What more the text blocks offer for your next website?

The animated title block is a great extra little feature. You can use it to change a specific word in a sentence with animations like color typing effect, fade effect, etc. We are mentioning the animated title as it’s a part of a new and trending website.

Add a separator for each box and sentence.
Use different typography for H1 – H6 titles
Use the custom location, z-index and custom CSS.
Set a line-height, character spacing, and text conversion
Add an alpha value to the text color to make it semi-transparent
Choose a custom font family (from Google fonts) and font-weight for specific blocks
Add an entrance animation – and in pro, also scroll animations and mouse interaction (!)
You can adjust a lot of specific settings on different device
Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Features, ollzo

Contact Form & Form Builder

Form Builder Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo
Form Builder Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo

A contact form is something that almost every website needs. But for some reason, WordPress still doesn’t have a default contact form. Of course, there are lots of free (paid and paid) contact form plugins, but it is always best to keep the number of plugins to a minimum.

Luckily, Qubely has included a simple contact form in their free version, but it’s really a simple contact form. At the moment, you can’t even remove a field. You can change the names of the fields although you can change the “subject” to “phone number” for example about it.

Apart from this, the contact form block gives you all the expected options. You can use the e-mail template using shortcodes for fields. It helps to change the font, background color of the input fields and change it to hover or focus, styling buttons, customizing errors and making messages successful. It even provides anti-spam integration.

Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Pro users get an extra block called Form Builder. As the name implies, with this block you can create your own form exactly as you want. You can use the selected boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes and even the date and time fields – only fields that do not have a file upload field.

Buttons Qubely Gutenberg Block

Button Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo
Button Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo

In order for people to complete your form, you must first take them to your contact page. Buttons are the best way to do this, so there’s also a button block alongside the cubicles. Two blocks are actually: a single button block as well as a button group block that lets you place multiple blocks next to each other.

Like everything else in Qubely, you can rotate the styling of your buttons the way you want. Change colors (also for hover), add a border or shadows, change typography, add an icon. Speaking of icons, there is a block for them as well as Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor.

Tabs, Testimonials, Team and Social Icons

Testimonials, Team Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo
Testimonials, Team Block, Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, ollzo

In addition to the basics of each website, we’ve come to expect some more predefined modules from the page creators, and Kubli doesn’t disappoint here either. Tab Block lets you insert multiple tabs. Again it provides many settings like the style of tabs, the color of (active) tabs. More importantly, you can add any block under one tab.

In the screenshot on the right, I’ve added a testimonial block, which looks pretty good by default. You can choose between a few layouts, upload an image for the avatar, change the color of the stars, and so on. The team block is similar, but lets you set social icons for each team member instead of stars.

As well as talking about social icons, your social media accounts have a block to create beautiful-looking links. You can also display only icons or network names, set a border-radius so you can use circle icons or (circular) square icons, custom labels and colors, etc. Quite a versatile little block!

Most of the blocks in the sidebar are very precise. You can style each part individually, for example, if a block has a name and title element (like testimonials), you can use a different color and typography for each element.

Only the blocks of the counter and progress bar are a bit disappointing: the progress bar is not animated and the counter is not animated, but it is just an animated number without background or another styling, although you could use the block wrapper element in any block (or block) to set a beautiful set. ) Background.

The full list is too much longer and we would like to move in the next feature now. If you are interested to know, check the themeume website for the feature list.

Premade Layouts Ultimate Time Saver

Premade Template Qubely, Best Gothenburg Block Editor, ollzo
Premade Template Qubely, Best Gothenburg Block Editor, ollzo

Another thing we expect from page creators is a good collection of premade layouts, so you don’t have to start from scratch on every project. Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor provides a great collection of premade sections; Free users can choose from about 60 categories, but Pro users get a collection of about 150.

A section consists of 1 or more blocks (s); The Call to Action section, for example, is a combination of a row of blocks with a background, an advanced text block, and a button block, and any contact section can use the Google Maps block, a contact form, and an advanced text block. All categories are clearly categorized and searchable, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Pro users not only get many more pre-designed sections, they also get 20 starter packs. The Starter Pack is a complete website with multiple page layouts; Each starter pack has a homepage layout, a contact page layout, a project layout, and more.

Qubely Plugin Pricing

Qubely Pricing, Qubely PRO, ollzo
Qubely Pricing, Qubely PRO, ollzo

Hey, Does everything free? Well, you can do most of the tasks from the FREE version. But Qubeely PRO will unlock more PRO features. We did not forget to share the price details

Most of the features of Kubili are in the free version but if you want some advanced features like post grid, carousels, form builder and motion effects then you need the Pro version.

After that, the Pro version also provides more pre-made designs and includes some cool incoming Pro blocks such as Twitter and Instagram feeds, an advanced slider, a countdown timer, a newsletter subscription block and various WooCommerce blocks.

The annual fees are quite reasonable, from $39 for a single site license to $99 for an unlimited site license. They also give lifetime licenses, but they cost so much that I almost think they don’t really want to sell them. $299 for a single site lifetime license which is $ 39 per year. This is too much in my opinion. Most lifetime licenses are about 2,5 – 3 times the annual fee, not 8 times.

Last Note About Qubely Plugin

I actually like Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor quite a bit. This transforms Gutenberg into a page creator who can often measure himself with an established page creator like Element or Divi.

There are almost all the options you would expect from a high quality page builder; A solid, gradient, image or video background and shape divider, multi-column layouts, a good collection of pre-designed blocks, sections and starter packs, and plenty of styling options for each component.

However, given the choice between Qubely and a true front-end builder like Element or Divi, I would choose the latter. Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor presents Gutenberg’s best experience I’ve ever seen, but it’s still Gutenberg: a backend builder that faithfully represents how your visitors see your website at the front end, without the possibility of change, your headlines and footnotes, any dynamic content and No template possibilities.

Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor Best in 2021

We are not declaring it’s as best but it is. Over the article, we describe the best features, pre-made template, best pricing. What more you ask to accept Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor as best?

Although Gutenberg is the future of the WordPress Community, the possibilities that Elementor and Divi offer today, are probably a matter of time before Gutenberg becomes a real front-end builder. It will probably take a few more years before completion. In the meantime, the established page determinants are not yet standing and will continue to feature regularly as well.

So, the last thing is if you like Gutenberg, you’ll absolutely love Qubely Gutenberg Block Editor!