WP Social Best Social Share Plugin in 2023

Social proof is a thing of beauty! It sets you apart from the crowd while improving the quality of your brand. With today’s increasingly smart search engines, the quality of your site is significantly affected by the quality of the content it contains. But what is WP Social?

WP Social is an advanced social media plugin with social login, social counter, and social share features. It brings all your social media channels together

The content part is the responsibility of your editorial team. The promotion depends on your marketing office. Social media is one of the biggest traffic sources you can call. However, it is difficult to use social media when you need to increase brand awareness, increase exposure and drive traffic.

With the right techniques and toolset, you can create opportunities to grow your online business using social online media.

Ever had trouble finding the perfect social media plugin for your WordPress site? There are tons of plugins, but none of them fit the bill perfectly. One plugin may have features but a few features may be missed. As many plugins as there are, each of them fails a significant feature.

Let’s think for a moment if there is a plugin – just a plugin – that can solve all these problems. Can there be such an image-perfect plugin? Yes, that’s right! It’s WP Social, made by WPMet.

What Makes the WP Social Plugin So Special?

Elegant themes are one of the companies that do not produce items in a hurry. They plan things carefully and cover all bases before launching the product. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of the WP Social plugin.

Some Key Features:

  • Add Social Register
  • Enable Social Count
  • Integrate Social Share
  • Add Social Login
  • Count Posts
  • Count Comments
  • Use Shortcodes to Show Buttons on Any Page
  • Up-to-date API
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Enable/Disable Features
  • Unlimited Customizations
  • One-click registration and Social Login via Woocommerce, Buddypress, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Dribble, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Vkontakte
  • Editable And Translatable Texts on the Login Buttons.

Different Locations to Place Your Social Sharing Buttons

Some plugins only give you one, two, or three zones to hold your share buttons. WP Social gives you lots of target areas where you can put your buttons. The great thing is that these different regions are most likely to catch your eye and click like this.

Social Share

Do you want your visitors to be able to share your web content with social media platforms by clicking on social media icons? Earn the social share feature from WP Social to finish your work.

The social sharing feature allows your visitors to easily share posts or content from your website across 15 popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This set of social sharing buttons will help your users share something directly with their friends and related social media followers.

When it comes to styling, you can choose from readymade styles to display share buttons on your website. On top of that, you can define the layout as horizontal or vertical. And last but not least, you have complete freedom to show or hide the share count to your viewers.

Social Counter

Do you like to show the number of social media fans, subscribers, and followers to the visitors of your website? No worries, they have integrated a social counter feature in WP Social for you. This feature will give you a way to count your social media fans and show numbers to viewers.

With this feature, you can impress your potential followers by showing the number of subscribers, fans, and followers earned with 15 providers including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Like others, this feature offers a wide range of options to choose from 15+ hover effects and icon styles like flat icons, round icons, hover effects, color effects, metro style, etc.

They have a wide range of options to enable this feature, including your social media details, and to choose a ready-made design from beautifully designed templates. You can use widgets or shortcodes to share directly on your website at your social media counters and your favorite locations!

You can set cache hours to store counter data for a specific period of time. With all the features mentioned above, WP Social lets you use simple shortcodes anywhere on your site. You no longer need knowledge of technical and complex longer codes.

Social Login

Social register/login buttons will make the login process easier and simpler for your visitors. With social login, visitors to your website can easily register and log in to your site through dozens of popular social networks.

As a website owner, you can also manage custom login redirect URLs, and display or hide social login buttons for different pages, including WP-Login, WP Register, Comments, WooCommerce Login, WooCommerce Articles, and more.

WP Social integrates 9 social login providers that allow your visitors to log in to your website in seconds via Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub, WordPress, ContactContact, and Reddit.

WP Social Login from your WordPress site with WordPress Social Login and Registration, Wookmars Social Login and Register, Buddypress Social Login and Register, Facebook Login, Twitter Login, LinkedIn Login, Dribble Login, and PinTrag.

The social login offers a bunch of beautifully crafted readymade designs that will give your login button an excellent classy look. Simply enter the login authorization details in the admin panel and you are ready to use this site on your site.


A small but incredibly powerful word. Most of the plugins give you a few basic customization options. Some give you a lot. You can easily customize this plugin without any single line of coding knowledge.

WPSocial Pricing

Most of the features of WP Social are in the free version but if you want some advanced features then you need the Pro version. The Pro version comes in two different ways. One is yearly and the other is a lifetime subscription. 

The Personal plan for yearly starts at $19 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single site and comes with 1 year of update and priority support. Their $79 plan for Professionals extends the license limit to 5 websites. And their top tier unlimited plan for $129 for Agency lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains.

For the lifetime licenses, the personal plan starts at $79 which licenses you to use the plugin in a single site and comes with lifetime updates and priority support. Their $179 plan for Professionals extends the license limit to 5 websites. And their top tier unlimited plan for $399 for Agency lets you use the plugin on unlimited domains.

Final Word

WPSocial Menu, ollzo

WP Social is a kind of social sharing plugin that understands the needs of the user. Whether it’s a WordPress apprentice or a seasoned webmaster – anyone can get used to the plugin controls for its intuitive design. With incredible off-the-shelf features combined with an encyclopedia-like community of supporters and documentation, WP Social will surely rise to the throne of the best WordPress social sharing plugins.

As always, we like to hear something from our readers. Have you used WP Social? What do you think of it? Does your current plugin do something that you don’t mind? Let us know by your comment!