15 Reasons Why You Should Own Your eCommerce Website!

Online shopping has recently enjoyed a big boost. According to the OECD, it has increased by 70% in Asia-Pacific, more than doubled in the United States and 50% in Europe.

With the growing popularity of the internet and technological advances, buying and selling online in this day and age is much faster and easier than it is now. Internet users are not limited to sitting at a desktop computer for research or sending emails.

People are now using it to buy laptops, tablets and even mobile phones and even sell products through the internet. People can now enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own home and even run their own business!

This trend towards eCommerce may play an increasingly important role in the lives of consumers, even after the ban on sitting at home has been lifted, as a result of new online-first practices during this period.

Should you use WordPress for eCommerce?

There are less feet on the road and more people are obliged to sell online, including surfing and scrolling online. There are several ways to do this (such as eCommerce Marketplace, Social Sales, etc.) but having your own eCommerce website can offer some great benefits.

As an eCommerce website vendor, you can tell your customers about your company, display your products, and make payments online.

With the rapid growth of the online marketplace, here are a few reasons to start selling e-Commerce platform:

Create your own brand

Having your own site makes it easier to control your brand and make it easier for you to get lost in the marketplace. Customers will begin to identify your site (and your URL in social links) and look for you for the products and services you provide. Sales from your own site make it easy to include insertions, offers, and other components in the packages you send.

Own and nurture your customers

Customers will see that if you have your own site they are buying directly from you. This gives you the opportunity to build loyalty and do repeat business. It’s easy to connect with customers and encourage them to follow you on social channels or share reviews, photos and videos to your site or community. Selling on your own website provides better reports on who is buying from you to help you further improve your marketing.


You can use your website to keep in touch with your customers by providing a personalized service like order tracking, delivery confirmation and product recommendation based on their order history.

Distinguish your business

It’s very easy to stand out with your own site. You have a great, and personalized, paying and shipping experience from customers browsing and don’t forget great, personalized customer support. You can present your customers’ unique needs with the customer experience and the best way to showcase your products without having to look for hundreds of similar products from competitors.

Diversify your channels

Relying on a single channel for sale is risky, especially if it’s a channel you don’t control. Having your own site means you can reduce the risks. For example, if your Marketplace store is blocked, you can continue to drive and sell traffic to your site.

Global Market

Designing an eCommerce website gives you the opportunity to deliver your products and services to customers around the world, regardless of distance and time zone.

Open 24 hours

Customers will enjoy the benefit 24 hours a day to be able to buy what they want and when they want and you will not lose sales with an online shop open 24 hours a day, days compared to regular store hours.

Higher conversion rate

Potential buyers are more likely to buy when they can place their orders immediately without waiting for the regular store to open.

Marketing through social media and search engines

Attracting traffic when starting a new website can be a challenge, so consider the time or money you may want to invest in your marketing.

If you’re already promoting your business socially or selling it in the marketplace, make sure you’re using every opportunity to tell customers on those channels about your new site.

With good search engine optimization, your website will appear in the top results of search engines like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) Take time to improve your SEO. Include incidental keywords in your website copy, especially on product pages, create useful, relevant copy, and make sure your site is mobile optimized.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Paid ads on search engine results pages will be an important way to drive traffic to your site if your marketing money is available.

Also social media websites like Facebook and Twitter will provide you a platform to build trust with customers through reviews and ratings as well as keep them informed with regular posts about your products and offers. Engage your customers in competing and sharing content to drive more traffic to your websites.

Reduce your costs

Creating an eCommerce website costs less than your traditional store. Offline shop costs include location rent, electricity bills, equipment maintenance and unforeseen charges. On the other hand, an online store will save all those expenses. 

A web agency like Olzo will charge you a one-time fee for developing an eCommerce website. You can also save effective ready-made solutions like Shopify, which allows you to create your own eCommerce website in minutes.

Low risk

An online shop enables you to enjoy increased profitability with less risk because you will probably need a small workshop with the possibility of shoplifting, rogue labor and reduced loss of goods that often occurs in a physical store.

Low overheads

There is no doubt that selling your products and services on an eCommerce platform is much cheaper and easier because online business owners do not have to consider the high cost of store rentals, security arrangements, utility bills and a huge team of employees. This will enable you to sell your products at competitive prices.

Make Money Online

In all business, money is math. The more products you supply, the more likely you are to sell. It’s pretty straightforward.

Creating an online store opens up entirely new opportunities for earning money.

Creating your physical business will not only sell you, but you will also find this new area of ​​your business that will generate additional sales online.

Who are the online shoppers? BigCommerce Studies Show:

Millennials and Gen X.

This generation spends 50% more time shopping online per week (six hours) than the older generation (four hours).

Everyone else.

Seniors, Baby Boomers and Gen X as well as ‘being added to the cart’. 56% of Jenner X people prefer to search and purchase on e-commerce sites rather than in-store; 41% of baby boomers and even 28% of the elderly prefer to shop offline online.

All Geographies.

While this may seem counterintuitive, urban dwellers have physical store proximity, but in large metropolitan areas, online shoppers spend more on eCommerce websites ($853) than suburban shoppers ($768) and even isolated ($684) in rural areas.


Men spent 28% more online last year than women.

With this kind of data it becomes clear that all businesses must have an online website.

Even more convenient

Nowadays consumers are increasingly appreciating the convenience of online shopping. Instead of spending hours searching for physical stores, people now start shopping on the Internet before school and during harsh weather, breaks at work, traveling to a store on the high street that was all the time difficult.

Influence Purchases

Nowadays potential buyers go around the internet to shop around and decide what they want to buy and where to buy from. Showing your products on a website will increase the likelihood of sales because it will show customers why your product is right for them.

Benefits of An eCommerce website


Setting up your online store now will give you a competitive edge compared to those who have not yet embraced the world of eCommerce, in an age where customers are constantly looking for the fastest and easiest way to purchase what they need while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

We are offering modern, user-friendly eCommerce web solutions. So why not contact us today for creating your online store.

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